Actionhobby.ca as a business will, from time to time adopt policy on various business matters.

All revelant policy(s) will be published here for public reference as they are developed - anyone having concern or question regarding statements made or on matters not addressed herein, are invited to contact us at: info@actionhobby.ca

Doug & Donette Hyslip - owners


Actionhobby.ca does not retain any customer's personal / credit information beyond the term of the specific business transaction initiated by the customer.

While customers are invited to voluntarily register only their email addresses for the specific purpose of being notified of store promotions - such information is considered confidential and will not be deliberately sold, shared or otherwise released to any other person, business, agency or association.

Any information provided by a customer or business associate will be promptly deleted or similiarly destroyed upon direct request for such action - info@actionhobby.ca


Actionhobby.ca advises that by accessing and browsing this website, you accept, without limitation or qualification, all policies, terms, conditions and notices outlined herein.

Actionhobby.ca assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this website nor will it assume liability for any incidental or direct loss, or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of this website.

While you may download material or information for personal use, be advised that actionhobby has not reviewed all sites linked to this website and is not responsible for the contents and/or terms and conditions of any off-site pages - and while linked sites are provided solely for your convience, you link to such pages at your own risk.

Terms & Conditions

Actionhobby.ca takes pride in their business ethic and strives to serve their customers as they, themselves would wish to be served. The following statements of terms and conditions are presented here simply as a matter of good business practise and are purposely arranged in alphabetical order for the convience of our customers locating particular information. Should you have questions about these or other matters, please contact us - info@actionhobby.ca

Business Ethic

Actionhobby.ca owners strive to be honest, forthcoming and fair in business transactions within both the industry and the marketplace.

Consignment Sales

Actionhobby.ca offers pre-owned new and used modelling product for sale "as-is" and at a price set by the owner - the sale price of these goods includes a taxable service fee by Actionhobby.ca

Consignment agreements with the owners allow Actionhobby.ca to reduce prices on such items by a minimum of ten percent (10%) every six (6) months until sold, or recovered by the owner.


Actionhobby.ca prides itself on its business ethic and will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the customer, but if unsuccessful will, as a member of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Alberta (Canada), refer the matter to the BBB Dispute Settlement Center - any legal dispute would be governed by the provincial laws of Alberta, Canada.

Gift Certificates

Actionhobby.ca offers this interm purchase alternative in good faith, but requires that the certificate issued be redeemed for merchandise within twelve (12) months following the purchase of the certificate.

Insurance / Loss

Title and risk of loss shall pass to the customer upon delivery or pickup by the designated shipping carrier. Mail order customers are advised to inspect shipped goods upon arrival and immediately notify the shipping carrier with respect to any damage or other loss.


Although Actionhobby.ca may, in good faith, offer modelling advice, you accept such advice at your own risk - Actionhobby.ca encourages consumers to abide by the manufacturer's instructions and to contact the manufacturers directly with their concerns regarding a particular product.

Limits of Responsibility

Actionhobby.ca sells all modelling product on an as-is basis and assumes no responsibility for any product damage incurred as a result of improper assembly, operation, or use of incompatable components in a remote control model or other product.

Buyers are directed to carefully abide by all manufacturer instructions as Actionhobby.ca accepts no responsibility for any property damage and/or personal injury arising from ownership or use of the product once sold.

Mail Orders - revised 2014.10.07

Action Hobby no longer offers mail order service. We want to thank lall our customers for the level of support we enjoy, but our "mom and pop" shop is being overwhelmed by some of the services asked of us, particularly mail order. Despite our considrable efforts to box, weigh and measure product in order to calculate mail order shipping, hundreds of requests we respond to go unanswered. As a small business we can no longer afford this effort or the risks associated with mail order. We thank you for your understanding and hope you'll visit the store.


Actionhobby.ca is an independent "mom & pop" hobby shop and its merchandise prices must, of necessity, cover the considerable expenses of a brick and mortar store front operation.

Our goal is competitive pricing and exceptional personal service - believing modelling is not just about price, but about being successful and having fun.

Actionhobby.ca typically updates its prices daily on its website catalog for the convience of its customers - but the customer needs know that such prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices quoted for out of stock items or special order items are current only on the day requested and are subject to possible change at a later date.


Although Actionhobby.ca may, from time-time, choose to offer special pricing events and/or contests, the terms and duration of such promotional events are wholly at the discretion of Actionhobby.ca


Actionhobby.ca is not obligated to accept the return of any item once sold.

Actionhobby.ca will not accept the return of damaged merchandise or merchandise with damaged or missing packaging. All merchandise must be complete, having never been assembled, altered, or used by the customer. All items returned must be properly re-packaged and suitable for resale as new goods.

Returns Actionhobby.ca chooses to accept are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee - 20% if packaging is not in original condition and suitable for resale.

Any return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and any prior shipping costs will not be refunded.


Actionhobby.ca reserves the right to amend, revise or add to these Terms & Conditions from time to time as they deem necessary.

Special Orders

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required for a special order - also see section on Returns.

Items must be paid in full upon in-store delivery to the customer or properly prepaid via credit card or other means prior to shipping to the customer.

While Actionhobby.ca will work with the customer to resolve percieved issues with a special order, Actionhobby.ca will not accept outright return of any product special ordered by the customer, nor will it accept responsibility for any shipping charges associated with the delivery of the product to the customer, or return of the product to the manufacturer by the customer.


All merchandise is warranted only by the manufacturers and not by Actionhobby.ca, who sell these products as-is and only as advertised by the manufacturer, with no additional claim as to quality or performance.

As retailers, we are not agents for the manufacturers and therefore, are not authorized to make warranty decisions or to attempt work on thier behalf.

The customer is instructed to abide by all instructions provided by the manufacturer with the product purchased, and are further instructed to contact the manufacturer directly concerning matters of safety, performance, warranty repair and/or replacement.

Actionhobby.ca will always strive to provide the best possible information, advice and local support for the product they sell - but customers requesting Action Hobby act on their behalf will be billed appropriately for any costs incurred for shipping, parts and /or labour. (Jan 1, 2008)